Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sunday 3 June - King's Meanburn

Scarlet Lyvennet - MVS 4a. With Caitlin Ripley.

After a somewhat dull, but necessaryweek of revison I was allowed out for an afternoons cragging. I set of up the flake (HS) first, but it was dirty and so i tohugh this looked better. A nice face climb with some bridging to begin with. Good gear all the way.

The Small Assassin - VS 5b. With Caitlin Ripley.

I asked Cailtin to choose the next route. She told me it was VS, but failed to mention the 5b. A nice boulderary start on the sandstone, followsed by runners and a strenous limestone crack, which I avoided to the right. If I had climbed climbed the crack direct I reckon the route would be E1.

TD Corner - Mild Severe. With Caitlin Ripley.

After Caitlin tried to lead Owl Crack, a vile MS (FRCC have interestingly given this Mod). I went up this corner, must be only limestone route in the world that requires number 4 friends, not that i had one.

Marik - HVS 5a ***. No second.

Caitlin had got bored by now, so I got Ian to belay me. I tried to do Ivy Crack, a steep E1 5b, but steep polished limestone is not my fortee. Not deteter I wandered round the corner to do Marik. This excellent VS, now HVS, was just as remebered it. Steep, fairly sustained climbing with bomber gear all the way. Unfortuanatley it is slightly polised and bit sandy. A serious contender for the best Cumbrian Very Severe (or HVS if you must) outside lakeland. Superb.

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