Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Wednesday 20 June - Hodge Close Quarry.

Sky - f6b+ *. With Andy Hobson

After one lesson of school I got bored. My English teacher was ill and there is no ponit going to geography (it is only colouring afterall). So I begin walking/hitching home. I managed to get hom in about 50 minutes and three lifts. A taxi driver who didn't charge, An old man who was spot on and like me hated the Daily Mail and Frank, a local farmer. Once home I dashed in and grabbed some gear (climbing not drugs) and walked out. Managed to get to Ambilside in a 3 too. First a pair of students from Southhampton, the girl was rather tasty! Second with the Local copper. Third with a strange old couple in their fifties. I met Andy in Ambleside and we quickly drove to Hodgeclose. We rapped into the quarry and Andy started up Sky, however after a short while it began to rain and we started and mini epic to retrive the gear, involving multipile absails and getting wet. After this we returned to Ambleside for food and retail thearapy, Lakes climber made me a cuppa. I then managed to hitch home again in three. First and Couple to top of Kirkstone pass, then another couple to Paterdale. At which ponit it began to rain tourentailly, but luckliy I got picked up quickly by a kind couple who dropped me at me door. Oh well no climbing, but a fun day out!

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