Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sunday 10 June - The Roaches and Hen Cloud.

Pedestal Route - HVD ***. With William and Cailtlin Ripley.

Nice route. Lead in one pitch.

Technical Slab with Neb Finish - VS 4c ***. With William and Caitlin Ripley.

A great route, which I secounded. Much better than Pedestal Route. Cool out there climbing on the top pitch. Another Classic Rock tick.

Saul's Crack - HVS 5a (5b due to polish) ***. With William and Caitlin Ripley.

I made an pathetic attempt to lead this route, but due to my inability to jam and climb go for it grit routes I failed. Dad lead in fine go for it style. Both me and Cait seconded. Good route, Joe Brown definatley was a monster!

Bachelors Butteress - VS 4b **. With William and Caitlin Ripley.

A nice, but quite bold route with the added bonus of a free 120cm sling jammed in a crack at the top. Lead.

Prow Cracks - V Diff *. With William and Cailtlin Ripley.

Prow Corner - V Diff **. With William and Caitlin Ripley.

I lead this nice route after niavely presuming that I would be able to lead Chalkstorm when its 25 degrees.

We then retired to the Roaches Cafe for cream teas at Dad's exspence! Followed by a couple of routes at Hen Cloud.

The Arete - HVD ***. With William Ripley.

The Guide book said this route was better than anything in the alps! Well I'm not sure about that, but it was damn good route, almost superseeding Heaven Crack as the best Diff on grit (that i've done).

Central Climb - VS 4c ***. With William Ripley.

Yuck! First pitch offwidth hell, which I couldn't do. Backed off and Dad lead running it together with second pitch, he likes thrutchy stuff. I lead second pitch, good route. Bill must have been a nutter to solo it and down climb!

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