Sunday, 17 June 2007

Wednesday 13 June - Vivian, Dali's and Tremadog.

Raining and dank on Anglesey this morning so packed up the tent and headed inland. Weather wasn't much better there either, but we descided to test the abilities of youth and old on the ultimate climbing medium, S-L-A-T-E!!! Not suprisingly yoof won!

Mental Lentals - HVS **. With William Ripley.

A nice introduction to slate climbing, with good hold, good bolts and good gear. fun fun fun. Lead.

The Monster Kitten - E1 5c *. With William Ripley.

A short and pumpy route, for both hands and feet. thin posertive hold and rockovers were the order of the day. Thankfully the route was well protected by a thrutch of good runners, but despite this I still downclimbed twice due to de-pump.

Zambesi - VS 4c. With William Ripley.

Seconded. Good.

Launching Pad - E1 5b. With William Ripley.

Easy E1, Glad of the bolts, would have been a different proposition without. At this ponit we were rained off, so after wandering the quarries, having a look and California Arete and Looning the Tube we retired for my first Pete's Eats exspirence (the best Caffi in the world!).

After buying Dad some new rock shoes, a very long dull and drawn out process, even for a gear freak, we drove to Tremadog where the rain had subsided.

Shadrach - VS 4c **. With William Ripley.

Even after spending what seemed like forever trying on boots in V12 he had manged to buy them too big. So we had to share, lowering my pair down to the second. A good route the first pitch, fortuanatley Dad's, was thrutchy. The second pitch, mine was technical and better.

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