Sunday, 27 May 2007

Saturday 27 May - Gimmer Crag

Kippling Groove - HVS 5a ***. With Joseph Dixon and Andrew Mitchell.

Wow! What a route, despite my slight stupidity with regard to route finding and mainly being dim we got to the bottom of the climb. The overlap, was just as remember it, just not as gripping. Looked up to the groove of Equus, which looks stunning definatley one for later in summer. The top pitch, which is equally brilliant and quite sustianed with two definite cruxes kept me entertained. The crux felt a damm sight harder from when I first climbed the route, aged 14 and lived up to it reputation of being ruddy hard. (Ruddy 'ard, Ruddyard, Kippling Groove. Get it.) Whilst belaying at the top, I saw a guy take a pretty cool fall of Spring Bank, that wee roof looks spicy.

D Route - Severve *. With Joseph Dixon.

After abing off, Joe and myself descided to quickly nip up this rather nice little route. Met Ian Jackson from UKC on the top.


michael said...

Hi Kid, I like your blog - its honesty is refreshing! DesperateDan

Tom Ripley said...

Cheers, glad you enjoed it. It will be much better when i get a camera.