Sunday, 20 May 2007

Saturday 19 May - Brimham Rocks

Great Slab - HVD *. With Andrew Mitchell

Pooring with rain in the Lakes today,.so set off to Brimham with the hope of finding dry rock. This turned out to be a good crag choice being bone dry, but it was extremly windy especially on top of the little Gritstone tors. First grit of the year and it was nice to lower my grade a little. Good wee route.

Square Route - HS 4b *. With Andrew Mitchell.

Another nice wee climb, really nice frictiony, rockover moves of the type that you never really get in the Lakes.

Thin Line - HVS 5a **. With Andrew Mitchell.

Very similar vain to the lastroute. Cool rockovers betwen horisontal breakes and bomber friends. Not sure if it was HVS, felt loads easier than Rough Wall.

Heather Wall - S *. With Andrew Mitchell.

A good route with quite a technical first move. Then very easy.

FAILURE! (again!) - Rough Wall - VS 5a ***. With Andrew Mitchell.

Thought i'd attempt to lead this excellent route again over a year on from my first attmept. failed at exactly the same place, the very top move. I must have tried it 4 or 5 times, but couldn't commit to it. I think i need to improve my bondy tension. This route is becoming something or an archnemises for me, maybe I'll lead it one day.


I nearly killed myself while absailing to strip the gear on this route. I failed to chech whether both ropes were touching the floor and as a result nearly abbed of the end. ALWAYS TIE A KNOT IN THE END.

Majoa - VS 4c **. With Andrew Mitchell.

Best route I did all day. Great climbing, with a cool layaway up the fluttings.

Central Crack - VS 5a **. With Andrew Mitchell.

Last route of the day. Really nice hand/fist jam crack up until the body jam crack at the top. When it started to rain, had a top rope lowered! Poor effort. Need to work on offwidths.

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Absail is spelt ABSEIL!