Monday, 14 May 2007

Monday 14 May - Reecastle and Shepherds.

The Noose - HVS 4c (5a in my book) * - With Joseph Dixon.

Headed to the crag after a stressful day at school. History exam went ok, newer have to think about the stupid 1832 great reform act again. It was great going in Joe's car rather than having to get lift every where with parents. Reecastle was much wetter than I exspected. I started up the rack, which looked wet and turned out to be soaked. Went on the Noose instead. Awkward and strenous, was how i remember it and that time it wasn't wet. This time it was and I had a bit of a wobbler on the groove and then speant ages at the top trying to work out this move, which was much simpiler than it seemed. I had a look at the Gibbet Direct, but E2 is had enough when its dry let alone wet!

Little Chamonix - V Diff *** - With Joseph Dixon.

Thought we'd get second route in. Dashed up little cham in trainers in two pitches. Fisrt time I've done it this year, but still brill.

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