Saturday, 7 April 2007

Wednesday 4 April - CMD Arete

Carn Mor Dearg Arete - With William Sim

Our last days climbing and another stunner. I got up early hoping that we could do Astral Highway, but William didn't fancy any more front poniting after 4 days front poniting in his Scarpa Manta Boots. So we descided to walk up the CMD arete, which was brilliant, espcially on such a stunning day, however the walk felt more knackering than Orion Direct! We took loads of photos. The sky was cloudless with the temprature at 3000 metres. We stopped at several places for long (boots off!) sunbathing sessions, i got extremly sun burned. We then descided to leave out bags and head up to the Summit, where we met Stuart Anderson, who knew me from UKC! We met the two Dave's descending down the Little Brenva Face. I then joined them in scour for gear beneath the Orion Face. I found a Rock 9. Met Dave Mcgimpsey and Andy Nesbit on the walk down. Dave also knew who I was from UKC - werid! Can't complain about going walking, considering the stunning weather we've had and the routes we've got done. No worries about alarms tommorow!

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