Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Saturday 7 March - Corvus

Corvus - Diff *** - Raven Crag Borrowdale. With Caitlin Ripley.

Got up late again. Started walking at 12ish. Arrive at the bottom to find 4 parties on the route. There we 2 parties of muppets at the back, (one had an pully for aid climbing on his harness, but when i suggested Troutdale Pinnicle as good route said severe was too hard for him!) who were climbing extremely slowly but blaming the instuctor with his two clients at the front. We overtook them, i think one of them wasn't happy about this and took it as an insult to his... manhood! the route was as good as I remember it. The best diff in the lakes - with the traversse pitch being superb. Topped out as the same time as Dad and Nic who had done a couple of good routes. We then proceeded to walk back to the car. We had to queue for about an hour into Keswick! Bank holidays!


Will said...

Which Raven Crag is this on? Ive been told about it by many people and all say its good.

Should have bumped that bumbly off the route!

Tom Ripley said...

It is on Rave Crag Borrowdale. It is brill route and well worth doing. One of my faves.