Monday, 6 August 2007

Tuesday 24 July - Pavey Ark.

Brockenclock - E2 5a 5c 5b - ***. With Francis Blunt.

After getting rained off the Borrowdale and failing pathetically at the Bowderstone. We descided Pavey Ark and an early start was best bet. Left mine at 7:30. Walking up to the crag with a winner of the LAMM A class was knackering. Francis lead the first pitch to warm himslef up. I'm glad as even seconding it was a firece warm up! Francis the lead the imaculet, but short 5c slab, which was awsome. I then lead the steep 5b pitch, which was quite impressive for me, as I normally avoid anything close to an overhang. Francis ran it out in a long easy pitch to the top. Spot on route.

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