Friday, 13 July 2007

Sunday 8 July - Gowbarrow

Susan - HVS 5a **. With William Ripley.

Fucked up again. Can't climb cracks. Espeacially gay ones, which involve fist jamming and are damp and greasy. Looks a good route though. Failed at the crux halfway up, don't forget your cams up #4 and double up on #2.5-3.5. Don't bother bring any wires.


mark said...

wow do people stil climb at Gowbarrow. I was an instructor at Ullswater OB 1985 we used to go there in the evenings wasn't Susan VS?
Shadrach lovely climb, my most recent routes at Bowden Doors Northumberland on

Franco Cookson said...

felt more Like E1 5b to me. Bloody scary without many cams- glad for the in-situ Wire and Chock stone.